Production and Manufacturing


Practical strategies of Selam Hawassa Business Group (SHBG) to increase the standard of living among the rural community in Ethiopia are:

  • Producing and selling high quality appropriate technology equipment. SHBG strongly believes and works tirelessly on the production of appropriate technologies utilizing renewable energy in favor of intensive farming, to improve livelihoods and protect the environment.
  • Working on food security by providing and introducing different farming technology for the farmers.
  • Working with Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Melkasa Agricultural Research Center by experience sharing and Introducing different pre harvesting and post harvesting technologies.

Our Major Areas of Operations Are Manufacturing and Machining

  • Manufacturing : SHBG Produce different kinds of:
    • Pre harvesting Equipment, Post harvesting Machinery and Construction machineries;
    • Renewable Energy Equipment such as Biogas Appliances, Wood saving moulds, Water Lifting Device and Different pumps
    • Bee keeping Equipment and Diary Equipment.
  • Machining: SHBG also gives different machining services
    Sheet metal cutting, bending, punching and rolling services. We also take orders based on Customers’ idea and sample working in collaboration with Privet Companies, Associations, NGOs, Government offices and Universities.