Hotel Kitchen Operation

We design and deliver the best quality practical training to make you the best chef and the best cook expert. First course, salad, soup, main dish and cake training are offered. These are delivered at Level II programs 16 month and Level I programs 8 months. The college model training hotel also serves the best quality international dishes to its customers at reasonable prices.

Under the shady place in one corner of our large compound is our beautiful European dish restaurant. All of the European dining culture is applied here. Imagine a salad after __ as an appetizer, followed by soup all before the main dish; then comes our sweet desert to close up. Our frequent customers, mostly foreigners and European dish lovers, thank as for our delicious and clean food with the fairest price in town. No one gates bored of the meal as our skilled and creative chefs know how to serve new food day by day. Well, isnít cooking an art?

The chefs not only change the food, but also the ways they cook and serve even the same food. If you are thinking where you could find fine lasagna, pizza, burger or what so ever, come. {food name}, {food name}, {food name} taste best in our hands. If you got a visitor from elsewhere, be it from out of city or out of country, please come visit our place and have something real good for lunch.

No advertisement and no light board still our restaurant is well known and filled with people. You know how? Someone who tastes it once is sure to come back again, and with their beloved ones the second time!